The Cetrafact team combines 3 major assets for your factoring project

Extensive knowledge of the company’s accounting systems and ERP systems

An expertise on the company’s accounting organisation: its compatibility with factoring

In-depth knowledge experience in the factoring market

What the CETRAFACT team does for you

Expertise on the organisation of accounting information

Our consultants analyse the organisation of information in your systems and its compatibility with the requirements of a factoring contract. If applicable, we show you the easiest methods to make it compatible

System expertise

Our consultants help you choose the best method of interaction between your systems and the CETRAFACT software: import or direct reading.

Installation and construction of requests

Our consultants perform the remote installation of your software in your environment.

Training and assistance

The CETRAFACT team trains you to use your software and accompanies you during the first invoice submission.

Assistance is available Monday to Friday from 9.00am to 5.30pm.

Tailor-made developments

Our consultants can develop additional modules for you. Please contact us

Discover the main features of CETRAFACT software with a consultant who will answer all your questions

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