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Features and Functions

Cetrafact allows you to organize and automate all the management tasks of your factoring contract. From the qualification of customers to be transferred to the Factor, through the issuance of transfer files and right up until the analysis tools.


The CETRAFACT team enabled 230 factoring contracts to start up in 2021.

CETRAFACT consultants know your Factor, its organization and requirements. They know your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), its strengths and constraints. They will be able to anticipate with you the critical paths of your implementation project.

CETRAFACT consultants accompany you throughout the life of your factoring contract from the technical installation stage, from user training right through to migration management.

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N° 1 editor of factoring software


13 specialised consultants in the IT aspects of factoring


800 companies using it today with 40 international groups


230 companies have been installed in 2021


Our solutions are installed in 18 countries


100% compatible with 100% of accounting software


19 years of experience