Why Cetrafact ?

Successful technical implementation as soon as possible

Structuring the management operations of your factoring contract

Facilitate flow analysis through automatic access to key information from your trade receivables

Automate the process

The implementation of a factoring contract requires the regular creation of files extracted from your accounting records and transmitted in a format compatible with your Factor’s systems.

The management of a factoring contract involves new operational and technical processes.

Communication between the company and its Factor requires continuous analysis of flows.

All these tasks can be automated with the CETRAFACT software.


The data processed in CETRAFACT is encrypted.

The software is installed in your environment.

The use of CETRAFACT ensures conformity with the source of the information.

The CETRAFACT software allows the information to be traced.

Optimize financing

With one click you can select the customers you want to sell.

CETRAFACT helps you to qualify your customer base.

CETRAFACT allows you to track flows.

CETRAFACT automatically produces the analysis of your outstanding balance

Save time

Cetrafact is the best way to free up your finance team’s time.

  • Accelerate and facilitate implementation.
  • Automate factoring contract management tasks.

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